Monday, 26 April 2010


“No longer content to wait for social movements to bubble up from the ‘burbs, young, fresh and sniffing for product, a cute symbiosis of media outlets and cultural product firms synthesize them between themselves. ...Far from being a credible claim to futurity, the Marketing Plan follows a relentlessly sideways logic of replacing one product-rhetoric-art’n’theory mix with the next, different from the last in exactly the same way as the last was different to the batch before that. ...Hype may very well be the future of culture.” - McKenzie Wark, “Cyberhype”, World Art, November 1994.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Coming soon!

He hasn't slept for seven years, he hasn't been sober for fifteen and his ratings are dropping through the floor. When Arlo Makepeace Thackery Dylan is given one last chance to save his career, he takes it with both hands. But will he live to regret his decision?

Will he live at all?

Find out in State of Change, coming soon!